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Philip Morris Sues Uruguay Over Graphic Cigarette Packaging

i i Smoking has declined by about 4 percent annually in Uruguay since the country required graphic warnings on cigarette packages.

September 15, 2014 General, World News
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Creating Your Baby’s Last Name? Tennessee Says No

i i Kim Sarubbi, her husband, Carl Abramson, and their three children are known as the Sabr family, which is a blend of the

September 15, 2014 General, World News
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Patients Vulnerable When Cash-Strapped Scientists Cut Corners

i i Tom Murphy, 56, in his home in Gainesville, Virginia, was diagnosed with ALS four years ago. An experimental drug seems to have

September 15, 2014 Exclusive, General, World News
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Time to take injuries in the final minutes more seriously

In a week in which several of the league's biggest names were carried off the field with injuries, a rookie left the day's most

September 15, 2014 Sports
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Q&A: Why Teaching Music Matters

i i Margaret Martin, right, poses with student Jose Correa during a Harmony Project open house at the Ramon C. Cortines School for Visual

September 15, 2014 World News

Penske partners with V8 Supercar team, Marcos Ambrose to drive car

The possibility of Marcos Ambrose joining forces with Roger Penske in the Australian V8 Supercar series is official.

September 15, 2014 Sports

Jayson Werth booted from Nationals fantasy football league for paying late

Every fantasy football league has that guy who either holds up the draft, or doesn't pay his dues on time. If you're unfortunate enough, sometimes

September 14, 2014 Sports

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles sidelined with ankle injury

If you thought a wild day of NFL injuries would end with the culmination of Sunday's 1 o'clock games, guess again. Chiefs running back Jamaal

September 14, 2014 Sports

Team USA overcomes a slow start to rout Serbia, win gold medal at the FIBA World Cup

Things could not have gone better for Team USA on Sunday. It just took a few minutes for everything to start getting better. Team USA

September 14, 2014 Sports

J.J. Watt scores a touchdown, because of course he does

You cannot stop J.J. Watt. You cannot even hope to contain him. 

September 14, 2014 Sports
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